Growing up in New England, vacations in Maine are some of my fondest memories: exploring the boardwalk at Old Orchard beach, indulging in fresh lobster and oysters by the dozen in Portland, lake swims and hiking in the summers, and skiing in the winter; Maine really has it all.  As an adult, work pulled me far away from home, but I continued the tradition by planning yearly trips with family and friends. When I met my wife in 2012, she too was enchanted by the beauty of "Vacationland". Since then, we have lived in many places and adventured all over the world, but Maine was the one place we always came back to. We continued our yearly trips, and even hosted our wedding in Sunday River. Maine was our paradise, and we were determined to own a piece of it someday. After more than 10 years of renting lake houses from Sebago to Rangeley, we saw an opportunity. We saw more and more of our friends opting out of traditional resort vacations in favor this option. With the right rental, you could have plenty of space for a large group, unique amenities, healthy, home-cooked meals, and the chance to indulge in nature and local culture, but that is only if you find the right property. We have found many lovely places to stay over the years, but with our extensive travel and corporate experience, nothing met all of our requirements or lived up to our exceedingly high standards. What many property owners did not seem to understand was that, in today’s market, a vacation rental is not just a spare property you can use to collect an few extra dollars with little attention, it is a service you are providing to your guests. It is the thing that will make or break somebody’s hard-earned vacation, family reunion, or romantic getaway. Our goal in every decision we have made in building this property was to put together a product that provides the turn-key, relaxing, luxury experience we look for in our own vacations. We hope you will visit us for your next family vacation, getaway, reunion, or special event and experience all of the beauty Maine has to offer.  

Mark and Jessica